Flexible Bollards

Bollards not meant for flexing

Does the issue with the bollards in our image look familiar? Are you tired of spending money on replacement bollards and repairing concrete surfaces?

Flexible bollards are great for those low speed impacts that may occur on a regular basis. The bollards return to the vertical position after impact, greatly reduce damage to your concrete surface, and minimise damage to vehicles.

Flexible Steel Bollards

They look just like an ordinary steel bollard to the untrained eye, but in fact they’re flexible. An internally welded, steel spring allows the bollard to flex on impact, absorbing the force of the collision and minimising damage to the bollard. Fewer damaged bollards means a cost saving on replacements. These bollards are ideal for locations where collisions with vehicles occur on a frequent basis.

  • Bollard returns to vertical position after impact
  • Absorbs proportion of impact force
  • Greatly reduces damage to concrete surface
  • Ideal for frequent impact locations
  • Highly visible yellow colour
  • Bolt-down and concrete in-ground versions available
Flexible Plastic Bollards: One Piece
  • Rebounding bollard ideal for traffic delineation
  • Bollard returns to vertical position after impact
  • Plastic design means no damage to vehicles when knocked
  • Highly visible orange stem, with reflective banding, 450mm or 750mm high
  • Simply bolt down to existing surface
0.00 EUR
0.00 EUR
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0.00 EUR
Flexible sign Post (Code: DB90/FSI)
Flexes on impact
111.00 EUR
65.00 EUR
Flexible Removable Bollard (Code: DB90/FSR)
899.00 EUR
Polyurethane bollard (Code: DB96PUBLACK)
0.00 EUR
Redback Flexible Traffic Pole (Code: BDF950SPIN)
0.00 EUR