Guard & Hand Rails

Forklifts, cars, trucks and pedestrians just do not mix. Clearly designated pedestrian walkways and warning signs are a start, but for the truly safe workplace, there needs to be a physical barrier between the two. Our range of barrier systems are designed to provide protection for pedestrians and assets.

Post and Barrier Systems

Our Defender post and rail barrier system has been designed to provide protection for pedestrians from a variety of vehicle types.

The system is easily customised to suit your needs. It is modular allowing for both economical shipping and easy replacement of damaged components. It is easily assembled and provides a highly visual and effective barrier. A popular addition to the system is our pallet safety angle preventing intrusion from wayward pallets.

Impact Absorbing Systems

In busy warehouse and car park environments, vehicle collisions are inevitable. Whilst standard guard rails may minimise damage to more expensive assets, the cost of replacing damaged guard rails can be significant. This is especially so when concrete repair work to the footing is required. Our impact absorbing guard rail system is designed to cater for collisions with slow moving vehicles.

Ball and Tube Systems

The ball and tube hand rail is a modular system, ideal for industrial applications. The components of the hand rail are manufactured to ensure the finished rail meets Australian standard AS1657 when installed correctly.

Please see below product specifications for individual products:

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W-Beam Guard Rail (Code: GDW w beam guardrail)
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