Removable Bollards

Removable bollards offer selective/restrictive access control and security. We offer a range or Removable Bollards to suit your requirements. They are as follows:

Padlock Removable Bollards:

Our standard Defender removable bollards offer an economical approach to controlling vehicle access. The system features two components, a steel sleeve which is securely concreted in-ground and the bollard stem which slots into the sleeve. The bollard stem is secured to the sleeve by padlock.

  • Useful lifting handle ensures bollards easily removed
  • Simple, economical locking system
  • Sleeve hole covered when bollard removed for safety
  • 320mm deep in-ground sleeve for extra security
  • Highly visible, safety yellow powdercoat finish as standard
  • Post holders available for storing posts when idle
Key Operated Removable Bollards:

For greater convenience our DB90/S Defender removable bollard series are fitted with built-in, key operated locking mechanisms. They are designed for a variety of applications including ram-raid protection for warehouse roller doors, but can be used in any location where access control is required with the convenience of a key.

  • Available with a high security Australian Bi-lock system or medium security keying system
  • Strong construction for security applications
  • Stem locks into a secure steel
  • sleeve concreted in-ground
  • Convenient keyed locking system
  • Highly visible
  • Extra keys keys available on request