Fixed Stainless Steel Bollard (Code: )

Fixed Stainless Steel Bollards

Security Level: HIGH

Our stainless steel bollards are available in a variety of styles, including fixed and key operated removable bollards. The bollards are also available with either a fully welded flat top or mitred finish. For marine or coastal environments (within approximately 5 kms of the ocean) please consider using grade 316 stainless steel.

Select from a variety of sizes and wall thickness' to suit your application. The sizes listed below are simply some of our recommended sizes, but feel free to call us for a quote on your own specifications.

Model No.StyleDiameter AIn-ground BHeight CWall Thickness
SS90A/B Bolt-Down 88.9mm - 900mm 3.05mm
SS90A/I In-Ground 88.9mm 250mm 900mm 3.05mm
SS90B/B Bolt-Down 88.9mm  - 900mm 5.49mm
SS90B/I In-Ground 88.9mm 250mm 900mm 5.49mm
SS90C/B Bolt-Down 88.9mm   - 900mm 7.62mm
SS90C/I In-Ground    88.9mm 250mm 900mm 7.62mm
SS114/B Bolt-Down 114.3mm - 900mm 3.05mm
SS114/I In-Ground    114.3mm 250mm 900mm 3.05mm
SS140A/B Bolt-Down 141.3mm - 900mm 3.40mm
SS140A/B Bolt-Down 141.3mm - 900mm 3.40mm
SS140A/I In-Ground    141.3mm 300mm 900mm 3.40mm
SS168A/B Bolt-Down 168.3mm - 900mm 3.40mm
SS168A/I In-Ground    168.3mm 300mm 900mm 3.40mm
SS168B/B Bolt-Down 168.3mm - 900mm 7.11mm
SS168B/I In-Ground    168.3mm 300mm 900mm 7.11mm
SS219A/I In-Ground    219.1mm 300mm 900mm 3.76mm
SS219B/I In-Ground    219.1mm 300mm 900mm 8.18mm
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